Jerry L. Kaiwi

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Inside-out relief masks of faces can be depth-inverted (i.e. seen in reverse perspective) during close-up binocular viewing. If a random-dot stereogram is projected onto such a mask, stereopsis can be achieved for the stereogram, and its depth planes are correctly seen while the mask itself, including the region covered by the stereogram, is simultaneously(More)
Can independent dimensions of brightness and hue be used in a combined digital information code? This issue was addressed by developing 2 color-coding systems and testing them on informed and naive participants in signal beam detection and classification experiments for simulated sonar displays. Each coding system's results showed both groups efficiently(More)
As the Navy transitions to the guiding principles of Net-Centric Warfare, it is imperative to recognize the importance to access vital, secure and timely tactical information in any given battlespace. The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command is the acquisition lead for several systems that will create a highly adaptive, networked and distributed defense(More)
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