Jerry Kieffer

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Preliminary results of magnetically controlled growing rods (MCGR) are encouraging. However, only short case series of MCGR for the treatment of early onset scoliosis (EOS) have been reported. Our aim was to evaluate its effectiveness and complications. We report a 30-case retrospective, consecutive, multicenter series of MCGR. Effectiveness was judged(More)
Percutaneous deposition of radioactive xenon in the hepatic parenchyma is suggested as a technique for estimating the hepatic blood flow. The authors applied this procedure, which can be repeated at very short intervals, twice in 5 patients suffering from schistosomiasis, and in 6 controls. The percentage of deviation from the mean was calculated by means(More)
The disappearance curves of plasma insulin after intravenous injection of unlabelled pork insulin was studied in nine young female hyperthyroid subjects with Graves' disease and eleven young female normal subjects, who served as controls. Comparison of the curves by analysis of variance did not reveal statistical differences between them (F obtained = 2.8,(More)