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Dendritic cell (DC)-mediated cross-presentation of exogenous antigens acquired in the periphery is critical for the initiation of CD8(+) T cell responses. Several DC subsets are described in human tissues but migratory cross-presenting DCs have not been isolated, despite their potential importance in immunity to pathogens, vaccines, and tumors and tolerance(More)
In this article, Millard and colleagues show that intrauterine bone marrow transplantation in the oim/oim mouse model of osteogenesis imperfecta yields hematopoietic microchimerism in the absence of donor osteopoiesis or phenotypic improvement. Bone-associated donor cells were not bone-forming osteoblasts, but osteoclasts (bone resorbing cells of the(More)
Epidermal stem cells have been in clinical application as a source of culture-generated grafts. Although applications for such cells are increasing due to aging populations and the greater incidence of diabetes, current keratinocyte grafting technology is limited by immunological barriers and the time needed for culture amplification. We studied the(More)
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