Jerry K. Smith

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Meta-analysis was used to review the results of 25 studies that compared the classroom behavior of children and adolescents with learning disabilities (LD) to children without learning disabilities. The data were analyzed from several different methodological perspectives. Results showed that both methodologically strong and weak studies demonstrated(More)
We report on the first observation of dineutron emission in the decay of 16 Be. A single-proton knockout reaction from a 53 MeV=u 17 B beam was used to populate the ground state of 16 Be. 16 Be is bound with respect to the emission of one neutron and unbound to two-neutron emission. The dineutron character of the decay is evidenced by a small emission angle(More)
The neutron decay of an unbound resonance in 12Be has been measured at 1243 ± 21 keV decay energy with a width of 634 ± 60 keV. This state was populated with a one-proton removal reaction from a 71 MeV/u 13B beam incident upon a beryllium target. The invariant mass reconstruction of the resonance was achieved by measuring the daughter fragment in(More)
The ground state of (10)He was populated using a 2p2n-removal reaction from a 59 MeV/u (14)Be beam. The decay energy of the three-body system, (8)He+n+n, was measured and a resonance was observed at E=1.60(25) MeV with a 1.8(4) MeV width. This result is in agreement with previous invariant mass spectroscopy measurements, using the (11)Li(-p) reaction, but(More)
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