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BACKGROUND Compression bandages appear to be simple medical devices. However, there is a lack of agreement over their classification and confusion over the use of important terms such as elastic, inelastic, and stiffness. OBJECTIVES The objectives were to propose terms to describe both simple and complex compression bandage systems and to offer(More)
BACKGROUND Multi-component medical compression bandages are widely used to treat venous leg ulcers. The sub-bandage interface pressures induced by individual components of the multi-component compression bandage systems are not always simply additive. Current models to explain compression bandage performance do not take account of the increase in leg(More)
BACKGROUND Sub-bandage interface pressure generated by medical compression bandages (MCB) and hosiery changes in mobile patients as they move due to the change in the limb size. However, the amount of variation in the interface pressure is dependent on the stiffness of the compression material. Researchers have proposed several indices to describe this(More)
Medical compression bandages are widely used in the treatment of chronic venous disorder. In order to design effective compression bandages, researchers have attempted to describe the interface pressure applied by these bandages using mathematical models. This paper reports on the work carried out to derive the mathematical model used to describe the(More)
Medical compression bandages (MCBs) are widely used to treat venous leg ulcers. Interface pressure measurement devices like PicoPress® transducer are used occasionally to measure the pressure applied by MCBs to train nurses to apply MCBs with the correct pressure profile to patient's leg and for quality assurance purposes. However, most of these(More)
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