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OBJECTIVE We examined the effect of an instructional video about the production of diagnostic sputum on case detection of tuberculosis (TB), and evaluated the acceptance of the video. TRIAL DESIGN Randomized controlled trial. METHODS We prepared a culturally adapted instructional video for sputum submission. We analyzed 200 presumptive TB cases coughing(More)
The EasyNAT assay was evaluated for the detection of tuberculosis in sputum smears from presumptive pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) patients in an African high-TB and high-HIV setting. The sensitivity of the EasyNAT assay was 66.7%, and the specificity and positive predictive value were 100% for the culture-positive patients. The sensitivity was only 10% in the(More)
OBJECTIVE A software tool is developed to facilitate data entry and to monitor research projects in under-resourced countries in real-time. METHODS The eManagement tool "odk_planner" is written in the scripting languages PHP and Python. The odk_planner is lightweight and uses minimal internet resources. It was designed to be used with the open source(More)
INTRODUCTION Decentralization of Directly Observed Treatment (DOT) for tuberculosis (TB) to the community (home-based DOT) has improved the coverage of TB treatment and reduced the burden to the health care facilities (facility-based DOT). We aimed to compare TB treatment outcomes in home-based and facility-based DOT under programmatic conditions in an(More)
A 31-year-old HIV-negative man presented to our clinic with a 6-month history of back pain and a swelling at the back. Radiological studies revealed lumbar vertebral destruction. Ultrasound of the mass showed a septated cystic mass with turbid fluid. Diagnostic aspiration revealed thick pus and smear microscopy detected acid-fast bacilli. Xpert MTB/RIF(More)
BACKGROUND Tanzania is among the 30 countries with the highest tuberculosis (TB) burdens. Because TB has a long infectious period, early diagnosis is not only important for reducing transmission, but also for improving treatment outcomes. We assessed diagnostic delay and associated factors among infectious TB patients. METHODS We interviewed new(More)
BACKGROUND Helminth infections can negatively affect the immunologic host control, which may increase the risk of progression from latent Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection to tuberculosis (TB) disease and alter the clinical presentation of TB. We assessed the prevalence and determined the clinical relevance of helminth co-infection among TB patients and(More)
BACKGROUND Culture contamination with environmental bacteria is a major challenge in tuberculosis (TB) laboratories in hot and humid climate zones. We studied the effect of cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) preservation on culture results and performance of Xpert MTB/RIF. METHODS Consecutive sputum samples from microscopy smear-positive TB patients were(More)
OBJECTIVES For tuberculosis (TB) transmission to occur, an uninfected individual must inhale the previously infected breath. Our objective was to identify potential TB transmission hotspots in metropolitan city of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and to model the annual risk of TB transmission in different locations of public importance. METHODS We collected(More)
BACKGROUND Chest radiography to diagnose and screen for pulmonary tuberculosis has limitations, especially due to inter-reader variability. Automating the interpretation has the potential to overcome this drawback and to deliver objective and reproducible results. The CAD4TB software is a computer-aided detection system that has shown promising preliminary(More)
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