Jerry Gabris

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A variety of assessments through 2001 discussed the striking neglect of theory related to leadership in public sector organizational settings. For example, Jerry Gabris, Bob Golembiewski, and Doug Ihrke called on the field to ‘improve on the emaciated condition of public leadership theory’. My assessment of administrative leadership soon thereafter, while(More)
The reverse evaluation of the effect of the content of minerals in milk on the milk yield per day and on the milk fat content indicated that the milk of less productive cows had a significantly higher content of sodium and a highly significantly higher content of magnesium, as compared with the higher-yielding cows. The milk with a higher content of fat(More)
A significantly lower alkaline phosphatase activity was recorded in the arterial blood of cows with higher milk efficiency. They also had higher sugar contents in their blood: highly significantly in arterial blood and significantly in venous blood after milking. As to the other blood components, the differences are low and insignificant. A significant(More)
In the cows of the whole group under study, a significant negative relation (r = = -0.4797) was found between the histidine level in arterial blood and protein content in milk; further, there was a significant positive relation (r = 0.4624) between alanine level in milk and protein content in milk, and a significant negative relation (r = -0.5028) for the(More)
Blood samples were taken from the vena subcutanea abdominis sinistra of four Black-Pied Lowland cows in one-hour intervals within a 24-hour period. No significant circadian changes were recorded in the studied blood components (protein, glucose, ash and dry matter contents). The amount of protein remained unchanged during the 24-hour period. Some changes(More)
The levels of free amino acids in cow's milk vary greatly. The highest value of 164.484 mumol/l was recorded in glutamic acid, followed by glycine, alanine, lysine, and the lowest values were found in cystine, methionine, phenylalanine, tyrosine and isoleucine (5--10 mumol/l). The levels of free amino acids in milk and their order differ from the values and(More)
During the evaluation of the biochemical components of the arterial and venous blood of cows before and after milking, an insignificantly higher content of ash was found in the blood of the cows of Black-Pied Lowland breed, as compared with the Slovak Pied breed. The difference in the activity of alkaline phosphatase was found to be significant: the higher(More)