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Although reduced-instruction-set-computer (RISC) computers promise extremely high computing speeds, they present important and difficult challenges to the software designer, particularly for real-time use. With the SPARC microprocessor and the VxWorks implementation for that processor used as examples, some of those challenges are described and solutions(More)
The treatment of multiprocessing in VxWorks is described. In multiprocessing, two or more CPUs are connected to communicate, share data, and cooperate on an application. VxWorks treats multiprocessing as an extension or special case of distributed control. VxWorks allows loosely coupled communications in a multiprocessing system, as well as tightly coupled(More)
With new emerging communication technologies, the market for set-top boxes, hand-held computers, networked home devices and Internet appliances is expanding rapidly and is driving the evolution of design tools. Whereas, in the past decade, the obsession of CPU speed has driven design strategies, in the future, design methodologies will be driven by the(More)
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