Jerry Chao

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Estimating the location of single molecules from microscopy images is a key step in many quantitative single molecule data analysis techniques. Different algorithms have been advocated for the fitting of single molecule data, particularly the nonlinear least squares and maximum likelihood estimators. Comparisons were carried out to assess the performance of(More)
Single particle tracking in three dimensions in a live cell environment holds the promise of revealing important new biological insights. However, conventional microscopy-based imaging techniques are not well suited for fast three-dimensional (3D) tracking of single particles in cells. Previously we developed an imaging modality multifocal plane microscopy(More)
The intracellular events on the recycling pathway that lead from sorting endosomes to exocytosis at the plasma membrane are central to cellular function. However, despite intensive study, these processes are poorly characterized in spatial and dynamic terms. The primary reason for this is that, to date, it has not been possible to visualize rapidly moving(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE A cancer registry was analyzed to determine if the clinicopathologic characteristics, treatment modalities, and prognosis of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients < 40 years of age at diagnosis differed from patients > 80 years of age at diagnosis. DESIGN Retrospective review of patients with NSCLC diagnosed between 1987 and 1996. (More)
The high quantum efficiency of the charge-coupled device (CCD) has rendered it the imaging technology of choice in diverse applications. However, under extremely low light conditions where few photons are detected from the imaged object, the CCD becomes unsuitable as its readout noise can easily overwhelm the weak signal. An intended solution to this(More)
Super-localization microscopy encompasses techniques that depend on the accurate localization of individual molecules from generally low-light images. The obtainable localization accuracies, however, are ultimately limited by the image detector's pixelation and noise. We present the ultrahigh accuracy imaging modality (UAIM), which allows users to obtain(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate prospectively the efficacy of granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF) in the reduction of chemotherapy-induced oral mucositis. PATIENTS AND METHODS Twenty patients with stage IV squamous cell carcinoma of head and neck were studied. Two-cycles (periods) of identical doses of cisplatin, fluorouracil (5-FU), and(More)
Multifocal plane microscopy (MUM) has made it possible to study subcellular dynamics in 3D at high temporal and spatial resolution by simultaneously imaging distinct planes within the specimen. MUM allows high accuracy localization of a point source along the z-axis since it overcomes the depth discrimination problem of conventional single plane microscopy.(More)
This article is based on an Experimental Biology symposium held in April 2001 and presents the current status of gene therapy for cardiovascular diseases in experimental studies and clinical trials. Evidence for the use of gene therapy to limit neointimal hyperplasia and confer myocardial protection was presented, and it was found that augmenting local(More)
From an acquired image, single molecule microscopy makes possible the determination of the distance separating two closely spaced biomolecules in three-dimensional (3D) space. Such distance information can be an important indicator of the nature of the biomolecular interaction. Distance determination, however, is especially difficult when, for example, the(More)