Jerry C. Hamann

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We introduce a framework, called " physicomimetics, " that provides distributed control of large collections of mobile physical agents in sensor networks. The agents sense and react to virtual forces, which are motivated by natural physics laws. Thus, physicomimetics is founded upon solid scientific principles. Furthermore, this framework provides an(More)
—By combining static input–output decoupling transformations with hexapod geometric design, the highly coupled dynamics of a flexure jointed hexapod can be decoupled. Several algorithms have been proposed which result in different sets of decou-pled inputs and outputs, and which can use a variety of feedback measurements (position, velocity, acceleration,(More)
The ability of robots to quickly and accurately localize their neighbors is extremely important for robotic teams. Prior approaches typically rely either on global information provided by GPS, beacons and landmarks, or on complex local information provided by vision systems. In this paper we describe our trilateration approach to multi-robot localization,(More)
The mechanism of the "ground permeability" of the human erythrocyte membrane for K+ and Na+ was investigated with respect to a possible involvement of a previously unidentified specific transport pathway, because earlier studies showed that it cannot be explained on the basis of simple electrodiffusion. In particular, we analyzed and described the increase(More)
—Typically, in the current enterprise data centers dedicated fabrics or networks are implemented to meet their LAN, Inter-Processor communication and storage traffic requirements. The storage traffic requirements of a group of servers are met through multiple storage area networks based on fibre channel, which has become the standard connection type.(More)