Jerry C Daniels

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Twenty subjects were randomly assigned to: 1) prophylactic ibuprofen (N = 5) [400 mg TID initiated 4 h before collection of baseline data and strenuous eccentric exercise bout], 2) therapeutic ibuprofen (N = 5) [400 mg TID initiated 24 h after baseline], 3) placebo (N = 5), or 4) control (N = 5). Muscle soreness perception, plasma creatine kinase, knee(More)
The evaluation of the rare patient who presents with oral and genital aphthae or almost constant, multiple (greater than 3) oral aphthae, but no systemic signs or symptoms (i.e., complex aphthosis), is difficult because no laboratory test is available to exclude Behçet's syndrome. Six patients with complex aphthosis were evaluated. In addition, patients(More)
Immune regulatory dysfunction, circulating immune complexes (CIC), and polymorphonuclear (PMN) cell migration were investigated in patients with Behçet's syndrome. Six patients meeting rigorous clinical criteria were evaluated. Only one patient showed evidence of immune regulatory dysfunction (increased T4/T8 ratio). Although C1q binding and Raji cell(More)
Asymptomatic forms of monoclonal gammopathies (MG) are recognized with increasing frequency; their recognition and differentiation from the symptomatic forms of MG appear imperative, since the therapeutic approaches are different. Available clinical and laboratory indexes lack specificity required for useful and practical discrimination; presently, we must(More)
Dermatologists, while becoming increasingly involved in the diagnosis and management of patients with connective tissue diseases, have left rheumatoid arthritis relatively unexplored. An increased awareness of possible pathomechanisms of rheumatoid arthritis may allow for generalizations that lead to increased understanding of other connective tissue(More)
Pustular vasculitis is a new disease concept that links cutaneous, and possibly systemic, aspects of Behçet's, bowel bypass, bowel-associated dermatosis-arthritis, and disseminated gonorrhea syndromes. The pathomechanism of pustular vasculitic lesion generation may relate to circulating immune complex (CIC)-mediated vessel damage and serum enhancement of(More)