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The recent push to replace UPC barcodes on all consumer goods with RFID tags has resulted in a backlash by privacy activists. Legislation to regulate RFID technology has been introduced in several states. Such regulation could stunt this fledgling technology. While some concerns might have merit, most are exaggerated. This is so especially because the(More)
Course Objective: The course objective is to develop a series of sessions dedicated to studying principles and issues associated with various types of regulatory agencies and functions at the state and federal levels. The course presents regulatory concepts and it will focus on several areas such as regulatory theory, environmental regulation, internet(More)
1 We extend our appreciation to Edward Felten, Jerry Brito and Michael Taylor for their time and willingness to discuss key aspects of this paper with us. This paper explores the feasibility of a state-led attack on Bitcoin and other similar electronic currencies, or cryptocurrencies. After a brief overview of how Bitcoin works, this paper discusses the(More)
This report is one in a series designed to enhance the understanding of the impact of federal regulations on society. The series provides a forum for considering vital current issues in public policy and for communicating ideas to a wide audience in the business, government, and academic communities. The Mercatus Center at George Mason University is a(More)
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