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Abundance and User Control: Renewing the Democratic Heart of the First Amendment in the Age of Interactive Media
We stand at the cusp of the creation of a new medium. Throughout the industrialized world, the deployment of innovative new technologies-such as high-capacity computer networks, mobile wirelessExpand
Is privacy still possible in the twenty-first century?
Avec les progres technologiques recents, la question se pose de savoir si une vie privee reste possible au XXIeme siecle, s'il sera toujours possible de preserver une sphere protegee des intrusionsExpand
Does Nothing in Biology Make Sense Except in the Light of Evolution
The dean of American biology, Theodosius Dobzhansky, claimed that “evolution” is the cornerstone of biology and is central to an understanding of both living and extinct organisms, and Darwinists argue, evolution must be a central part of all public school and college life science classes. Expand
Directing policy-making beyond the Net's metaphor
Amidst the Internet confusion that dominates policy-making circles, there is reason for hope that Concerted efforts to educate those who make decisions about the Internet can lead to more Internet-friendly policies. Expand
Domain Names under ICANN: Technical Management or Policy Chokepoint
In this panel, privacy advocates and technical experts will discuss the potentiallenecks for free expression and privacy, such as the WhoisDatabase, and possible technical alternatives to domain names, suchas identifiers, in light of the current controversy over the proper role of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Expand
The broadband Internet: the end of the equal voice?
As the fast-moving and hard-fought “open access to cable” debate continues – in both the United States and Canada – and perhaps moves toward resolution, it is vital to recognize that there areExpand
Keys to Privacy in the Digital Information Age
If designed and deployed properly, communications technology has the potential to actually support and enhance the level of privacy that the authors all enjoy, but if, in the design process, privacy concerns are slighted, whether consciously or not, privacy may be compromised. Expand