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Spreadsheet simulation" refers to the use of a spreadsheet as a platform for representing simulation models and performing simulation experiments. authoritative source on the theory & practice of simulation over 15 years ago. It. Handbook of Simulation Principles, Methodology, Advances, Applications,. By Margery J Doyle in Modeling and Simulation and(More)
The selection of appropriate simulation software from the vast number of packages available is a difllcuk task. This tutorial describes the types of software packages that are available, discusses some factors that should be considered in selecting software, and provides su~estions for the selection process.
It has become a matter of survival that many companies improve their supply chain efficiency. This presents an opportunity for simulation. However, there are many challenges that must be overcome for simulation to be a contributor to play an effective role. Four contributors discuss the opportunities that they see for simulation to play a meaningful role in(More)
This introduction begins with an example of simulation done by hand. Modeling concepts in simulation are then introduced based on the example. Next, the advantages and disadvantages of simulation are discussed. The introduction ends with a discussion of the steps in a simulation study. 1 DEFINITION OF SIMULATION Simulation is the imitation of the operation(More)
In the Winter Simulation Conference 1999 in Phoenix, a series of discussions, conversations, and exchanges on the topic of personnel to meet the current modeling and simulation demands of the civilian application and world military as well led to the idea of giving this discussion a more structured shape in the Winter Simulation Conference 2000. We continue(More)
Issues related to real-time control of a manufacturing cell using knowledge bases and simulation are discussed. The need for integrated simulation environments for modeling and anal ysis is advanced. A mathematicrd framework based on higher level abstractions representing entities, attributes, constraints, and other components of manufacturing cells is(More)
This panel session is based on the responses of simulationists representing various segments of simulation practice, to an article on the required skills of a simulation analyst. The perspectives represented are those of academia, government, industry, military, and research. First, the essence of the reference article is provided. Then, the five(More)