Jerry Ball

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This paper describes a research program for the creation of a large-scale model of language comprehension for use in the development of language enabled intelligent agents. The language comprehension system is being implemented using the ACT-R cognitive architecture and modeling environment and adopts the cognitive principles and constraints of that(More)
This paper describes a model of human language processing (HLP) which is incremental and interactive, in concert with prevailing psycholinguistic evidence. To achieve this, the model combines an incremental, serial, pseudo-deterministic processing mechanism , which relies on a non-monotonic mechanism of context accommodation , with an interactive mechanism(More)
Is it possible to build a conscious ma-chine? Is trying to design and build a conscious machine helpful to understanding the nature of consciousness? These questions have been at the core of AI since its beginnings. Recently there was an upsurge of interest in whether AI could address the issue of consciousness. The primary goal of the symposium was to(More)
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