Jerry A. Simmons

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Three-dimensional reconstructions of the normal rat embryonic (E) neocortex on days E15, E17, E19, and E21, using Skandha (software designed by J. Prothero, University of Washington, Seattle), show that the neocortical ventricular zone shrinks rapidly in the medial direction during cortical morphogenesis. [3H]thymidine autoradiography indicates that the(More)
| Solid‐state lighting is a rapidly evolving technology, now virtually certain to someday displace traditional lighting in applications ranging from the lowest‐ power spot illuminator to the highest‐power area illuminator. Moreover, it has considerable headroom for continued evolution even after this initial displacement. In this article, we present a(More)
Nuclear magnetic resonance is detected via the in-plane conductivity of a two-dimensional electron system at unity Landau level filling factor in the regime of the quantum Hall effect in narrow and wide quantum wells. The NMR is spatially selective to nuclei with a coupling to electrons in the current carrying edge states at the perimeter of the 2DES.(More)
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