Jerrold Prothero

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BACKGROUND Simulator sickness (SS) is a major problem which potentially limits interface applications that feature simulated motion. While display imperfections play a role, a large part of SS is motion sickness (MS). Sensory rearrangement theory holds that MS is related to conflicting motion cues; in the case of simulators, mainly a conflict between(More)
C rohn's disease (MIM 266600) and ulcerative colitis (MIM 191390) are the major forms of inflammatory bowel disease (MIM 601458), the prevalence of Crohn's disease being more than 1/1000 in the Western countries. 1 Inflammatory bowel disease is characterised by chronic relapsing intestinal inflammation, and its pathogenesis probably involves microbial,(More)
The Shannon upper bound places a limit on the error-free information transmission rate (capacity) of a noisy channel. It has stood for over sixty years, and underlies both theoretical and practical work in the telecommunications industry. This upper bound arises from the Shannon-Hartley law, which has two parameters: the available bandwidth and the(More)
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