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This paper studies a traffic grooming in wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) mesh networks for the SONET/SDH streams requested between node pairs. The traffic could be groomed at the access node before converting to an optical signal carried in the All-Optical network. We design a virtual topology with a given physical topology to satisfy multiple(More)
As Internet business exponentially grows, the need for high security level categories to identify groups of connections or individual transactions is manifest. The development of an efficient and secure communication protocol seems to be highly demanding. In this paper, we propose Adaptive Secure Protocol to support secure e-commerce transactions. Our(More)
We propose a method for dealing with semantic complexities occurring in information retrieval systems on the basis of linguistic observations. Our method follows from an analysis indicating that long runs of content words appear in a stopped document cluster, and our observation that these long runs predominately originate from the prepositional phrase and(More)
The AN/1 network architecture employs compact LANs as integrated switching nodes. The multibussed nodal architecture imposes a natural hierarchy to the network interconnection problem. A nodal interconnection method is introduced as a generalization of hierarchical topology design techniques. Based on traffic and distance, a flat nodal topology is(More)