Jerrica L Breindel

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INTRODUCTION The receptor ErbB3/HER3 is often over-expressed in human breast cancers, frequently in conjunction with over-expression of the proto-oncogene ERBB2/HER2/NEU. Although the prognostic/predictive value of ErbB3 expression in breast cancer is unclear, ErbB3 is known to contribute to therapeutic resistance. Understanding ErbB3 functions in the(More)
of internal medicine. It promotes active learning, using patient presentations and thought-provoking questions to encourage deeper thinking about clinical problems. The format will be comfortable for anyone who has spent time on the wards learning from patients and engaging in problem-based learning. The introduction begins with an explanation of how to(More)
Without the aid of brain dissection, understanding brain anatomy and structure is nearly impossible. Dissection allows for vi-sualization of each brain region in relation to other regions and to the brain as a whole. Dissection of the Human Brain by Dr. Lennart Heimer guides the viewer through a real-time brain dissection in order to teach brain structure,(More)
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