Jerr Avorn

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  • J Avorn
  • 1995
There is an informational void about pharmaceuticals in the training of most doctors, despite the importance of the prescription in medical care. The writing of the prescription is the final common pathway in therapeutic decision making, which involves such diverse forces and disciplines as anthropology, decision science, health economics, ethics, and(More)
In an experimental controlled trial, prescribing records were obtained from the Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS) of four states for all physicians participating in the Medicaid programs of those states. Three categories of drugs that are commonly misprescribed were identified, and moderate to high prescribers of these drugs were identified(More)
  • J Avorn
  • 1982
Avorn responds to an essay by Cheryl Noble in the same issue of the Hastings Center Report, in which Noble condemns the specialty of applied ethics. Avorn, a teaching physician, considers training in ethics to be analogous to training in such medical specialties as cardiology or psychiatry. He advocates the education of medical generalists to serve as(More)
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