Jerome White

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We present observations from various user studies that have helped to guide the design and deployment of a voice-based employment platform. Specifically, we present findings as a function of demographics, considering employers and candidates across two regions of Karnataka. Our results are of use to those building interfaces to address rural unemployment in(More)
Rapid growth of computer network sizes and uses necessitate analysis of network application middleware in terms of its scalability as well as performance. In this paper we analyze a distributed network management middleware based on agents that can be dispatched to locations where they can execute close to the managed nodes. The described middleware(More)
This paper describes a methodology for developing and verifying a class of distributed systems in which the state space may be discrete or continuous. Our focus is on systems where changes are local in that a small number of components change state while the remainder of the system is unchanged. A proof methodology is developed that ensures global(More)
The FIRE 2013 Question Answering for the Spoken Web (QASW) task was an information retrieval evaluation in which the goal was to match spoken Gujarati questions to spoken Gujarati answers. This paper describes the design of the task, the development of the test collection, the runs that were submitted, and the corresponding results.
Research on ranked retrieval of spoken content has assumed the existence of some automated (word or phonetic) transcription. Recently , however, methods have been demonstrated for matching spoken terms to spoken content without the need for language-tuned transcription. This paper describes the first application of such techniques to ranked retrieval ,(More)
This paper presents a new protocol for ensuring sequential consistency in a distributed objects system. The protocol is efficient and simple. In addition to providing a high-level overview of the protocol, we give a brief discussion of the implementation details. We also provide a mathematical model that we used to prove the correctness of our approach.
Heavily script-based browser applications change the manner in which users interact with Web browsers. Instead of downloading a succession of HTML pages, users download a single application and use that application for a long period of time. The application is not a set of HTML pages, but rather a single page that can possible modify its own presentation(More)
Building search engines that can respond to spoken queries with spoken content requires that the system not just be able to find useful responses, but also that it know when it has heard enough about what the user wants to be able to do so. This paper describes a simulation study with queries spoken by non-native speakers that suggests that indicates that(More)
This paper discusses experiments with a " model-based " approach for developing verified distributed systems in which program development is carried out by stepwise refinement: we encode, specifications and algorithm archetypes in the PVS theorem prover, carry out stepwise refinement and concomitant proofs, and obtain collections of verified algorithms(More)