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In the January 1983 issue of the Annals (Volume 5, Number 1), we published the "Final Report of the SPREAD Task Group, December 28, 1961." In the same issue were an introduction by Bob O. Evans and the edited transcript of a discussion by several members of the original SPREAD Task Group with Annals editors held on June 23, 1982. The following are comments(More)
At its recent meeting of November 17-20, 1959, the USE Organization discussed p:lrticipation in the activities of the ACM. The result of this discussion was that USE urges its members to i)artieipate, directly, in A(Z\[ activities as members of ACM. It is the opinion of [TSE members that any stimulus to the ACM, or any change it, its direction, can be(More)
Foreword This background paper on selected electronic funds transfer (EFT) issues is one of four components of the OTA assessment of Societal Impacts of National Information Systems. It should be read along with the September 1981 OTA report on Computer-Based National Information Systems: Technology and Public Policy Issues, which provides the larger(More)
In 1953, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) introduced its first production model of a large-scale computer---the IBM 701 Data Processing Machine. Since that time, the company has engineered and delivered a number of major data processing systems, each designed to meet certain business and scientific requirements.
In 1967, the airlines were flying Boeing 727s and Douglas DC-8s. Air travel was still special, and the airlines were raking in cash. But a problem loomed, and it was potentially calamitous. The airlines had placed their orders for the first widebody aircraft-the 747 and the DC-10-and these giant planes would dramatically boost the number of people arriving(More)
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