Jerome Robinson

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Urban dengue is common in most countries of the Americas, but has been rare in the United States for more than half a century. In 1999 we investigated an outbreak of the disease that affected Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico, and Laredo, Texas, United States, contiguous cities that straddle the international border. The incidence of recent cases, indicated(More)
Data analysis is needed in connection with query processing, to produce data summary information in the form of rules or assertions that allow semantic query optimisation or direct query answering without consulting the data itself. The goal of an intelligent analyser in this context is to produce robust rules, stable in the presence of data changes, which(More)
Semantic Query Optimisation makes use of the semantic knowledge of a database (rules) to perform query transformation. Rules are normally learned from former queries fired by the user. Over time, however, this can result in the rule set becoming very large thereby degrading the efficiency of the system as a whole. Such a problem is known as the utility(More)
This paper examines the properties of metadata in the form of IF THEN rules which contain two predicates on attributes of a relational database table. For example: a(15 .. 30) ⇒ d(243 .. 271), which means "if the value of attribute 'a' in a tuple is in the range 15 to 30 then the value of attribute 'd' will be in the range 243 to 271." Metadata of this kind(More)