Jerome R. Kuszak

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Hexagonal packing geometry is a hallmark of close-packed epithelial cells in metazoans. Here, we used fiber cells of the vertebrate eye lens as a model system to determine how the membrane skeleton controls hexagonal packing of post-mitotic cells. The membrane skeleton consists of spectrin tetramers linked to actin filaments (F-actin), which are capped by(More)
An erbium-YAG (2.9 μm) laser was used in the primate eye to irradiate the anterior surface of the cornea in one group and the midstroma in another group after temporary lamellar keratectomy. The eyes were observed clinically up to a period of eight months, when the animals were sacrificed. The initial opacification of the cornea caused by the erbium laser(More)
Ultrasonic contrast agents have been developed for improved assessment of blood flow and tissue perfusion. Many of these agents are not inherently acoustically reflective (echogenic), and nearly all are not suitable for tissue specific targeting. The purpose of this study was to develop acoustically reflective liposomes, which are suitable for antibody(More)
Simvastatin rapidly induced cataracts in young Chbb:Thom (CT) but not Sprague Dawley (SD) or Hilltop Wistar (HW) rats. Oral treatment for 14 but not 7 days committed CT rat lenses to cataract formation. The cholesterol to phospholipid molar ratio in lenses of treated CT rats was unchanged. Differences between strains in serum and ocular humor levels of(More)
The in vitro investigation of many optically opaque biological microstructures requires 3D analysis at high resolution over a large field of view. We demonstrate a new nondestructive volumetric imaging technique that eliminates the structural and computational limitations of conventional 2D optical microscopy by combining x-ray phase-contrast tomography(More)
The effect of intragastric misoprostol, a synthetic prostaglandin E1 methyl ester analog, on the morphology of rat stomach was studied by transmission and scanning electron microscopy. Adult male Sprague-Dawley rats received misoprostol at dose levels ranging from 50 to 1000 μg/kg body weight and were sacrificed after 30 min. At all dose levels, normal(More)
P-glycoprotein mediates classic multidrug resistance by functioning as an efflux pump that excretes lipophilic chemotherapeutic drugs from cancer cells. We now report an association of P-glycoprotein in colon carcinomas with another tumor property, i.e.. enhancement of local tumor aggressiveness. P-glycoprotein was detected with monoclonal antibody(More)
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