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An in vivo technique has been developed which simultaneously compares a skin blanching bioassay with drug content in human stratum corneum following topical application of four 0.05% beta-methasone dipropionate formulations. Bioavailability of drug from commercial cream and ointment formulations was assessed by quantification of drug content in(More)
Jean-Marc Aiache 8, Kenneth S. Albert 9, Gordon L. Amidon 2, William H. Barr 3, Leslie Z. Benet 4, James E. Carter 5, Vernon M. Chinchilli 3, Alexander H.C. Chun lo, Stanley S. Davis rl, Karl A. DeSante 12, Michael R. Dobrinska l3 Hugo E. Gallo-Torres , l4 Arthur H. Goldberg 15, Mario A. Gonzalez l6 Ursula Gundert-Remy r7, John G. Harter “, Barbara Hubert ”(More)
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