Jerome Ninot

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We present in this article a new vehicle dedicated to road surveying, equipped with a highly precise positioning system, 2D lidar scans and high definition color images. We focus at first on the sensors extrinsic calibration process. Once all sensors have been positioned in the same coordinates system, 3D realistic environments can be computed and(More)
We present an algorithm to detect and recognize road signs from embedded terrestrial images. We argue that the most important process in such algorithms is the fine detection which isolates object shape in images. After this step, recognition can be processed by simple normalized template matching. We then use a hybrid evolutionary algorithm capable of(More)
We present in this article different algorithms designed for automatic road environment interpretation, from a large amount of data, acquired by embedded sensors. Road markings and traffic signs are extracted then interpreted by means of original image processing techniques whereas road geometry is computed through lidar range data analysis. The outputs of(More)
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