Jerome J. Connor

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4 Early detection of possible defects in civil infrastructure is vital to ensure timely mainte5 nance and extend structure life expectancy. A novel method for structural health monitoring 6 based on soft capacitors was recently proposed by the authors. The sensor consisted of an 7 off-the-shelf flexible capacitor that could be easily deployed over large(More)
This paper proposes an adaptive neural network composed of Gaussian radial functions for mapping the behavior of civil structures controlled with magnetorheological dampers. The online adaptation takes into account the limited force output of the semi-active dampers using a sliding mode controller, as their reaction forces are state dependent. The(More)
The physician-patient communication process has received little attention from library and information science (LIS) professionals. A limited review of other literature on this topic was undertaken to gain some understanding of the information exchange from an LIS perspective. The authors were interested in four issues, including how information is defined;(More)
The development of comprehensive pharmaceutical services for pediatric patients at a tertiary-care teaching hospital is described. A team of three staff pharmacists, a clinical specialist, and supportive personnel was formed. A pediatric pharmacy, operating from 0800 to 2100 daily, was created in a separate area of the central pharmacy to focus on potential(More)
Abstmet-Deployable-collapsable structures have many potential applications ranging from emergency shelters and facilities. through relocatable, semi-permanent structures, to space-station ~rn~nen~. Their main advantages are the small volume they occupy during storage and insulation, and their fast and easy erection procedure. A new concept of(More)
Remarkable advances in microelectronics and data processing technology have made possible the realization of a new class of systems smart systems. As control systems become increasingly complicated and generate increasingly complex control information, smart systems provide a means of recognizing multidimensional information and processing this information(More)