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There is still confusion as to whether ovulation in a succeeding cycle is a random event or is more likely to occur at the ipsilateral or contralateral ovary. Both histologic and sonographic data support alternating ovulation. Some ultrasound studies have suggested that ipsilateral ovulation is more likely in succeeding cycles, and another found right-sided(More)
Supplementation of progesterone in the luteal phase and continuance of progesterone therapy during the first trimester has been found in several studies to have benefits in promoting fertility, preventing miscarriages and even preventing pre-term labor. Though it can be administered orally, intramuscularly or even sublingually, a very effective route with(More)
BACKGROUND Recipients of donor oocytes need to be synchronized to the donor's cycle if fresh embryos are to be transferred on the cycle of oocyte retrieval. It would be much easier to merely retrieve the oocytes from the donor, fertilize the oocytes with the recipient's male partner's spermatozoa, cryopreserve the embryos, then transfer on an(More)
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