Jerome H. Barkow

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Popular culture is a subcategory of culture. Today, mass and new media appear to be interfering with the evolved mechanisms that permit the acquisition and editing of culture. We know surprisingly little about these cognitive attentional processes that enable the information acquisition and editing packed into the term “cultural transmission.” It was(More)
  • J H Barkow
  • Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
  • 2000
This thought experiment addresses the range of possible evolved psychologies likely to be associated with extraterrestrial (ET) intelligence. The analysis rests on: (1) a number of assumptions shared by the SETI project; (2) recent arguments concerning convergent evolution; and (3) current theories of how intelligence evolved in our own species. It(More)
A comparison of the theoretical approach of Alexander H. Leighton with that of current work in evolutionary psychology and psychiatry reveals key similarities. For both, a core human nature/psychology is assumed to underlie human behavior. Individuals may vary with regard to the salience of components of that core, which in any event are differentially(More)
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