Jerome E. Mitchell

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The near surface layer signatures in polar firn are preserved from the glaciological behaviors of past climate and are important to understanding the rapidly changing polar ice sheets. Identifying and tracing near surface internal layers in snow radar echograms can be used to produce high-resolution accumulation maps. This process is typically performed(More)
Climate models that predict polar ice sheet behavior require accurate measurements of the bedrock-ice and ice-air boundaries in ground-penetrating radar imagery. Identifying these features is typically performed by hand, which can be tedious and error prone. We propose an approach for automatically estimating layer boundaries by viewing this task as a(More)
— The Charles Creek area in Elizabeth City, NC experiences frequent flood conditions seemingly unrelated to rainfall amounts. The purpose of this study was to compare barometric pressures, lunar cycles, wind directions, and wind speeds with water depth readings of Charles Creek (a tributary of the Pasquotank River). A static remote imaging system was used(More)
Genetic and environmental origins of individual differences in masculine and feminine personality attributes were investigated in a sample of 38 monozygotic and 32 dizygotic twin pairs (total N = 140) during pre- and early adolescence. Self-report measures of both masculine and feminine characteristics were obtained for each child using 2 standardized(More)
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