Jerome D. Waye

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Colonoscopic polypectomy is a major advance in the therapy of colon neoplasms. The techniques for safe and efficient polyp removal are described. The uses of a variety of ancillary devices are discussed, including clips, loops, submucosal injection of fluid, and several thermal probes, including the argon plasma coagulator. The location of a lesion may be(More)
BACKGROUND The p53 tumor suppressor gene is commonly mutated in colorectal cancer. While the effect of p53 mutations on colorectal cancer prognosis has been heavily studied, less is known about how epidemiologic risk factors relate to p53 status, particularly in early colorectal neoplasia prior to clinically invasive colorectal cancer (including adenomas,(More)
The presence of a retrograde amnesia, when caused by medications given prior to a medical procedure, can pose the medicolegal question of informed consent. This study investigated the retrograde amnesic effects of intravenous diazepam administered prior to gastrointestinal endoscopy. No significant retrograde amnesia was found in case subjects when compared(More)
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