Jerome Constant

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UNLABELLED Autism is the best defined category among PDD. Its high prevalence, its onset in very young children and its persistence in adulthood arise many questions about early screening and early diagnosis. The aim of the study was to identify professional best practices about screening and diagnosis of autism in order to propose clinical guidelines and(More)
The eggs of stick and leaf insects (Phasmatodea) bear strong resemblance to plant seeds and are commonly dispersed by females dropping them to the litter. Here we report a novel egg-deposition mode for Phasmatodea performed by an undescribed Vietnamese species of the enigmatic subfamily Korinninae that produces a complex egg case (ootheca), containing(More)
A new genus and species of stick insect Phamartes coronatus gen. nov. sp. nov. from Bach Ma National Park, central Vietnam is described and illustrated from both sexes and the egg. The genus is most closely related to Oxyartes Stål, 1875, but easily distinguishable by the presence of fully developed alae, the head armature and the split and asymmetrical(More)
A new genus of stick insects, Brockphasma Ho gen. nov., with the type-species, Brockphasma spinifemoralis Ho, Liu, Bresseel & Constant spec. nov., is described and illustrated from Vietnam. Both sexes, the egg and the first instar nymph are described and figured. Data on the habitat and natural foodplants are provided. Brockphasma Ho gen. nov. is(More)
The genus Pomponia Stål, 1866 from Vietnam and Cambodia is reviewed . Pomponia brevialata Lee & Pham, sp. nov. is described from Vietnam. Pomponia backanensis Pham & Yang, 2009 is added to the Cambodian cicada fauna. A key to the seven Vietnamese and Cambodian species of the genus Pomponia Stål, 1866 is provided: P. linearis (Walker, 1850), P. backanensis(More)
Three new species and one new subspecies are described: Scamandra lumawigi sp. n. (Luzon, Philippines), S. huangi sp. n. (Taliabu Island off Sulawesi), S. vanvyvei sp. n. (Sulawesi) and S. vanvyvei pelengana ssp. n. (Peleng Island off Sulawesi). The status of Scamandra mucorea Gerstaecker, 1895 is revised and the species is no more considered a subspecies(More)