Jerome Buchkoski

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Fifty-eight pathological gamblers receiving treatment for addictive illness in two South Dakota hospitals were assessed for types of gambling and grouped into three categories; 15 "video lottery only" (VLO), 36 "video lottery mixed" (VLM), and 7 "not video lottery" (NVL). There were 51 male and 7 female respondents, with a mean age of 38.2. We hypothesized(More)
Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) represents a debilitating psychiatric condition that is affecting the lives of many returning veterans. PTSD and alcohol use and dependence are highly comorbid. The purpose of this study was to understand the functional mechanisms between PTSD and alcohol use and problems. Specifically, the role of negative urgency and(More)
Four agencies which offer specialized treatment for pathological gambling provided data on the number of inquiries about gambling treatment and the actual number of gamblers treated before, during, and after the shutdown of video lottery in the state of South Dakota. A marked decrease in the number of inquiries and number of gamblers treated was seen during(More)
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