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In Drosophila melanogaster, Hox genes are organized in an anterior and a posterior cluster, called Antennapedia complex and bithorax complex, located on the same chromosome arm and separated by 10 Mb of DNA. Both clusters are repressed by Polycomb group (PcG) proteins. Here, we show that genes of the two Hox complexes can interact within nuclear PcG bodies(More)
Cdc25 dual-specificity phosphatases coordinate entry into mitosis through activating dephosphorylation of the Mitosis-Promoting Factor, Cdk1-cyclin B1. Activation of Cdc25C at the G2/M transition, involves its dissociation from 14-3-3, together with its hyperphosphorylation on several sites within its regulatory N-terminal domain, mediated by(More)
Libraries of well-characterised components regulating gene expression levels are essential to many synthetic biology applications. While widely available for the Gram-negative model bacterium Escherichia coli, such libraries are lacking for the Gram-positive model Bacillus subtilis, a key organism for basic research and biotechnological applications. Here,(More)
We propose an analytic solution for the stochastic dynamics of a binary biological switch, defined as a DNA unit with two mutually exclusive configurations, each one triggering the expression of a different gene. Such a device could be used as a memory unit for biological computing systems designed to operate in noisy environments. We discuss a recent(More)
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