Jerome Amiguet

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Five case of intestinal cryptosporidiosis with pulmonary involvement in patients with AIDS are reported. The diagnosis was based on the recognition of acid-fast oocysts in sputum or aspirated bronchial material and stool specimens. Coughing and excess secretions were present in all cases. Four patients had other associated pulmonary pathogens: two(More)
Some proteolytic enzymes, trypsin, cathepsin B, cathepsin D, collagenase, elastase and their inhibitors, API and AMG, in serum of patients with colorectal carcinoma have been evaluated. Twenty patients belonged to stage B of colorectal carcinoma, twenty two patients to stage D (Astler and Coller classification) and a control group of thirty healthy(More)
Haptic devices has been an expanding field in recent years. Most existing wearable haptic devices focus on delivering vibrations, and can generally be used only on one body part, most often the hands. The wearable haptic device presented in this paper presents two innovations compared to the state of the art: it can elicit stimuli such as stroking, brushing(More)
The human immunodeficiency virus causes serious, progressive and irreversible deterioration of the immunocompetence system and of the nervous system, so neurological pathology in infected patients is frequent (30-40%), affecting both the central and the peripheral nervous systems. There are different clinical and laboratory indicators of bad prognosis,(More)
The study of two proteins, acute phase reactants, alpha 1-proteinase inhibitor and alpha 2-macroglobulin, has demonstrated their utility in the diagnosis of the activity of ulcerative colitis. Alpha 1-proteinase inhibitor presented serum increases parallel to the degree of activity, permitting differentiation of asymptomatic, mild, moderate and severe(More)