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BACKGROUND Perturbation in a level of any peptide from insulin-like growth factor (IGF) family (ligands, receptors, and binding proteins) seems to be implicated in lung cancer formation; IGF ligands and IGF-I receptor through their mitogenic and anti-apoptotic action, and the mannose 6-phosphate/insulin-like growth factor II receptor (M6-P/IGF-IIR) possibly(More)
OBJECTIVE Penetrating cardiothoracic war wounds are very common among war casualties. Those injuries require prompt and specific treatment in an aim to decrease mortality and late morbidity. There are a few controversies about the best modality of treatment for such injuries, and there are not many large series of such patients in recent literature. (More)
Authors have analysed some characteristics of the functional anatomy, biomechanics, classification and treatment of fractures of the talocrural joint with special emphasis of sprained fractures. Based on data from different references, as well as on the authors' experience, they came to the conclusion that a great percentage of these fractures heal with(More)
A presentation is given of a 23-year-old girl who due to cough, hemoptysis and chest pains was treated in the regional hospital as having pneumonia. A bronchoscopy was performed and it revealed the tumor which obturated the right main bronchus. Due to this, surgery was performed. The cytologic analysis of the sample, taken intraoperatively, showed that(More)
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