Jeroen van der Vegt

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We analyze an implicit a posteriori error indicator for the time harmonic Maxwell equations and prove that it is both reliable and locally efficient. For the derivation, we generalize some recent results concerning explicit a posteriori error estimates. In particular, we relax the divergence free constraint for the source term. We also justify the(More)
hpGEM, a novel framework for the implementation of discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods , is described. We present structures and methods that are common for many (discontinuous) finite element methods and show how we have implemented the components as an object-oriented framework. This framework facilitates and accelerates the implementation of FE(More)
—Battery capacity cannot keep pace with increasing energy requirements for portable electronic devices. These devices are often equipped with multimedia applications , which require an increasing amount of energy as the image quality is continuously improved. It has been indicated that video compression causes the biggest part of the total energy(More)
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