Jeroen de Vries

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This paper describes the design of a system for controlling the position of spherical paramagnetic microparticles that have an average diameter of 100 µm. The focus of this study lies in designing and implementing a system that uses microscopic images and electromagnets. Preliminary experiments have been done to verify the feasibility of the system(More)
Current digital data storage systems are able to store huge amounts of data. Even though the data density of digital information storage has increased tremendously over the last few decades, the data longevity is limited to only a few decades. If we want to preserve anything about the human race which can outlast the human race itself, we require a data(More)
In this thesis techniques are developed to read out nanoscale probes and arrays of probes. e main targeted application area is probe-based data storage. e work also contributes to other areas, such as metrology, biological sensing, materials research and nano-electro-mechanical switches. First, an exhaustive literature review of the accomplishments within(More)
Throughout the ages humanity has stored data in order to preserve important information for generations to come. As the years have progressed the amount of data that can be stored efficiently has increased tremendously, the lifespan of this type of data storage however is severely limited. Within this paper we investigate the possibility to store data by(More)
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