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The platformization of Chinese Society: infrastructure, governance, and practice
By adopting a universal perspective, several scholars have called upon governments and other regulatory bodies to intervene in the emerging platform society, not leaving its development solely to theExpand
Platformization of the Unlikely Creative Class: Kuaishou and Chinese Digital Cultural Production
This article studies the platformization of cultural production in China through the specific lens of Kuaishou, an algorithm-based video-sharing platform targeting second- and third-tier cities asExpand
Pudong: The shanzhai global city
Shanghai’s Pudong financial district is known for its spectacular skyline, which Michelle Huang has referred to as ‘a copy of a global city’ – a reading that this article pushes further. What doesExpand
Will the real Weibo please stand up? Chinese online contention and actor-network theory
Social media platforms have become key participants in Chinese political contention. Global media eagerly report on cases involving social media, often celebrating them as signs of political change.Expand
Blowing in the China Wind: Engagements with Chineseness in Hong Kong's Zhongguofeng Music Videos
While songs with distinct Chinese characteristics, whether musically or lyrically, have always been part of local pop history, “China Wind” (zhongguofeng) is a novel phenomenon. Above all, China WindExpand
The spectre of Europe: Knowledge, cultural studies and the ‘rise of Asia’
This introduction starts with an exploration of the ambiguity of the idea of Europe. In particular, two tropes – Europe-as-theory and Europe-as-power – continue to haunt knowledge production andExpand
Introduction: At home in Asia? Place-making, belonging and citizenship in the Asian Century
For the authors of this introduction, home is not always or only sweet home. For us, it is constructed with contradictions, ruptures and anxieties. Indeed, the world never fails to present us withExpand
All that has melted into bits and bytes becomes solid
Abstract Utopian and dystopian narratives often abound in analyses of current processes of convergence and digitization of cinema. We argue that such analyses run the danger of amplifying theExpand
Sonic Sturdiness: The Globalization of “Chinese” Rock and Pop
To theorize further global and regional flows of popular culture, this article provides a critical analysis of “authentic” rock music from Beijing as well as “commercial” pop from Hong Kong.Expand
Book Review: Michael KEANE, Created in China: The Great New Leap Forward. London and New York: Routledge, 2007. xiii + 192 pp., with appendix, notes, and index. ISBN: 978-0-415-41614-6 (hc). Price:
Since the turn of the century, the creative industries in China have steadily gained importance. In cities all over China, creative clusters have emerged, areas where media industries (e.g.Expand