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—This paper focusses on direct dynamic visual servo-ing at high sampling rates in machines used for the production of products that consist of equal features placed in a repetitive pattern. The word " direct " means that the system at hand is controlled on the basis of vision only. More specifically, the motor inputs are driven directly by a vision-based(More)
This paper describes a new active ball handling method for the RoboCup mid-size league as used by team Tech United at Eindhoven University of Technology. A theoretical model is derived followed by the control design including a feedback controller and a feedforward controller. The proposed control design is validated with the Tech United soccer robots. The(More)
This paper presents the design of a semiautomated football table. One side of the table is equipped with automated rods, whereas the other side has regular rods. With this setup one or two human players can play against a computer controlled adversary. The paper describes the design and integration of a suitable hardware setup with vision based control(More)
In this article a method is proposed for ball tracking using 100 Hz computer vision in a semi-automated foosball table. In this application the behavior of the ball is highly dynamic with speeds up to 10 m/s and frequent bounces occur against the sides of the table and the puppets. Moreover, in the overhead camera view of the field the ball is often fully(More)
The minimal model approach to analysis of intravenous glucose tolerance tests (IVGTT) yields estimates of parameters representing insulin sensitivity, glucose-mediated glucose disposal and pancreatic responsiveness. The precision of these estimates can deteriorate if the glucose and insulin data lack well-defined structure or freedom from data noise (random(More)
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