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The synthesis, structural, thermal and electrochemical properties of fluorine-free silver-containing ionic liquids are presented. The ionic liquid cations are formed by a silver(i) ion surrounded by two 1-alkylimidazole ligands, with the counter anions being nitrate ions. Depending on the alkyl chain length, the complexes were found to be liquids at room(More)
The first palladium-containing Liquid Metal Salts (LMS) are presented and shown to be suitable electrolytes for the electrodeposition of palladium. The homoleptic LMS of formula [Pd(MeIm)4][Tf2N]2 or [Pd(EtIm)4][Tf2N]2 (MeIm = N-methylimidazole, EtIm = N-ethylimidazole) have higher melting points than the heteroleptic [Pd(MeIm)2(EtIm)2][Tf2N]2, which is(More)
New cationic silver-containing ionic liquids were synthesized and used as non-aqueous electrolytes for the electrodeposition of silver layers. In the liquid state of these ionic liquids, a silver (i) cation is coordinated by pyridine-N-oxide (py-O) ligands in a 1 : 3 metal-to-ligand ratio, although in some cases a different stoichiometry of the silver(More)
Cobalt(ii)-containing liquid metal salts (LMS) with N-alkylimidazole ligands and bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide (bistriflimide, Tf2N-) or methanesulfonate (mesylate, OMs-) anions were synthesized and characterized. The chain length of the alkyl side chain on the imidazole ligand was varied. All compounds were characterized using CHN analysis, DSC and(More)
The first redox flow battery (RFB), based on the all-copper liquid metal salt [Cu(MeCN)4][Tf2N], is presented. Liquid metal salts (LMS) are a new type of ionic liquid that functions both as solvent and electrolyte. Non-aqueous electrolytes have advantages over water-based solutions, such as a larger electrochemical window and large thermal stability. The(More)
New nickel-containing ionic liquids were synthesized, characterized and their electrochemistry was investigated. In addition, a mechanism for the electrochemical synthesis of nanoparticles from these compounds is proposed. In these so-called liquid metal salts, the nickel(II) cation is octahedrally coordinated by six N-alkylimidazole ligands. The different(More)
Manganese(ii)-containing ionic liquids were synthesized, in which the manganese atoms are coordinated by glymes (diglyme, triglyme, tetraglyme), pyridine-N-oxide, dimethylsulfoxide or N-alkylimidazoles (N-methylimidazole, N-butylimidazole and N-hexylimidazole). As anion, bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide (bistriflimide, Tf2N-), trifluoromethanesulfonate(More)
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