Jeroen Poblome

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One of the many areas in which Correspondence Analysis (CA) is an effective method, concerns ordination problems. For example, CA is a well-known technique for the seriation of archaeological assemblages. A problem with the CA seriation solution, however, is that only a relative ordering of the assemblages is obtained. To improve the usual CA solution, a(More)
This paper presents two complementary approaches to automatically classify pottery sherds: one that focuses on the sherd's profile and the other that examines visual features of the sherd's surface. The methods are validated using a set of pottery sherds that were collected during surveys at the ancient site of Koroneia (Greece), which were carried out by(More)
More than two decades of archaeological research at the site of Sagalassos, in southwest Turkey, resulted in the study of the former urban settlement in all its features. Originally settled in late Classical/early Hellenistic times, possibly from the later fifth century BCE onwards, the city of Sagalassos and its surrounding territory saw empires come and(More)
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