Jeroen Ludikhuize

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Targeting chemokines and/or chemokine receptors appears to be an intriguing new approach to treating chronic inflammatory disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel diseases, multiple sclerosis, and transplant rejections. The involvement of chemokines and chemokine receptors in inflammatory joint diseases, the in vitro and in vivo(More)
PURPOSE To systematically review prognostic research literature on development and/or validation of mortality predictive models in elderly patients. METHODS We searched the Scopus database until June 2010 for articles aimed at validating prognostic models for survival or mortality in elderly intensive care unit (ICU) patients. We assessed the models'(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to assess the effect of replacing all-cause mortality by death without limitation of medical treatments (LOMT) as the endpoint in a study of rapid response teams (RRTs) in hospitalized patients. We also described the time course of LOMT orders in patients dying on a general ward and the influence of RRTs on such(More)
BACKGROUND The Modified Early Warning Score (MEWS) was developed to timely recognise clinically deteriorating hospitalised patients. However, the ability of the MEWS in predicting serious adverse events (SAEs) in a general hospital population has not been examined prospectively. The aims were to (1) analyse protocol adherence to a MEWS protocol in a(More)
BACKGROUND An unplanned ICU admission of an inpatient is a serious adverse event (SAE). So far, no in depth-study has been performed to systematically analyse the root causes of unplanned ICU-admissions. The primary aim of this study was to identify the healthcare worker-, organisational-, technical,- disease- and patient- related causes that contribute to(More)
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