Jeroen K S Van Ginneken

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During the past two decades a considerable amount of information has become available from developing countries showing that maternal education has a strong impact on infant and child mortality. On average each one-year increment in mother's education corresponds with a 7-9% decline in under-5s' mortality. Education exercises a stronger influence in early(More)
BACKGROUND A study in Matlab, Bangladesh, has provided evidence favouring a community-based maternity-care delivery system. 3 years of this programme coincided with a significant reduction in direct obstetric mortality compared with the 3 years before the programme. We have examined whether the effects of the programme are sustained over time. METHODS(More)
Longitudinal data collected from the Demographic Surveillance System (DSS) in Matlab, a rural area in Bangladesh, are used for determining trends in and determinants of mortality of the elderly population (60 yr and over) in 1974-1996. The old-age mortality rate is high in Matlab, 1.2 times that of Sri Lankan and 1.5 times that of the Swedish elderly(More)
This paper presents the results of a longitudinal study, conducted in Matlab, Bangladesh, that examined to what extent the level of stunting in adolescence can be predicted by nutritional status in early childhood and maternal height. A linked set of data collected from the same individuals at two moments in time, i.e. early childhood (1988-1989) and(More)
The objectives of this paper are to investigate levels and trends in mortality due to violence in women of reproductive age and the social and demographic factors associated with such mortality. The study took place in Matlab, a rural sub-district in Bangladesh between 1982 and 1998. The data were furnished by a longitudinal population-based demographic(More)
BACKGROUND Although the recent decline in child mortality in Bangladesh is remarkable, death from causes other than infectious diseases and malnutrition remains an important component of child mortality. Death from drowning of children can be expected to be a problem in Bangladesh given the geographical features of the country. OBJECTIVE The objectives of(More)
UNLABELLED Adolescence is the stepping stone for a child to reach adulthood. Although generally delimited by age, this stage is primarily a social and cultural classification based on markers of development, such as menarche (the first menstruation of girls) and spermarche (indicated by the first self-reported ejaculation of boys as proximity). OBJECTIVE(More)
BACKGROUND Verbal autopsies have been widely used to determine the levels and causes of maternal death but few studies have assessed the reliability of various methods. METHODS We compared the levels and causes of maternal mortality in three data sources from Matlab, Bangladesh: (1) maternal deaths identified through a unique demographic surveillance(More)
This paper examines mortality by cause of death in a rural area of Machakos district in Kenya. The cause-of-death data collected between 1975 and 1978 were likely to be of fairly good quality. The number of deaths was higher among infants and children. Infectious diseases and diseases of the respiratory system were the leading causes of death among children(More)