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On the standard view, logic is concerned with reasoning, more in particular with xing criteria for the soundness and validity of arguments. If we apply standard logic in natural language semantics, we inherit this basic trait, and can only expect our logical semantics to have descriptive and explanatory value for the kind of linguistic phenomena that are(More)
About this document These are lecture notes for a course on inquisitive semantics at NASSLLI 2012. The current document contains the first six sections of the lecture notes. Two further sections will be added during the course. Comments of any kind are of course more than welcome. The most recent version of the notes will be posted on the course website:
Jeroen Groenendijk (1999, reprinted in this book) introduced a logic, which he called the Logic of Interrogation (henceforth LoI), that can be used to analyze which linguistic answers are appropriate in response to a given question. Groenendijk gave only a semantic definition of his logic. For practical applications like building question-answering systems,(More)