Jeroen Dolfen

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This paper reports on the generation and alkylation of the 1-tosyl-2-(trifluoromethyl)aziridin-2-yl anion with ω,ω'-dihaloalkanes, followed by a novel ring-expansion protocol toward 2-CF3-pyrrolidines, 2-CF3-piperidines, and 3-CF3-azepanes. A variety of halogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, and carbon nucleophiles was used to trigger this ring rearrangement,(More)
2-(2-Cyanoethyl)aziridines and 2-aryl-3-(2-cyanoethyl)aziridines were deployed as substrates for an In(OTf)3 -mediated regio- and stereoselective ring rearrangement upon treatment with LiAlH4, affording a variety of novel 2-(aminomethyl)pyrrolidines and 3-aminopiperidines, respectively. Further synthetic elaboration of the obtained 3-aminopiperidines(More)
Enantiopure 4-formyl-β-lactams were deployed as synthons for the diastereoselective formation of chiral 2-(2,2,2-trifluoro-1-hydroxyethyl)azetidines via trifluoromethylation through aldehyde modification followed by reductive removal of the β-lactam carbonyl moiety. Subsequent treatment of the (in situ) activated 2-trifluoroethylated azetidines with a(More)
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