Jeroen De Vos

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A meta-analysis including 32 randomised controlled trials on the effects of inspiratory muscle training (IMT) in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients was performed. Overall and subgroup analyses with respect to training modality (strength or endurance training, added to general exercise training) and patient characteristics were performed.(More)
Coordinated hand use is an essential component of many activities of daily living. Although previous studies have demonstrated age-related behavioral deficits in bimanual tasks, studies that assessed the neural basis underlying such declines in function do not exist. In this fMRI study, 16 old and 16 young healthy adults performed bimanual movements varying(More)
Conservative treatment of fractures of the scaphoid often leads to an important physical and economic morbidity, especially in the young and active population. Acute percutaneous scaphoid fixation is a fast technique with minimal soft tissue damage, which allows immediate mobilisation without prolonged casting. We describe our operation technique in which(More)
Structural and neurochemical changes in frontostriatal circuits are thought to underlie age-related behavioral deficits on cognitive tasks. Here, we test the hypothesis that age-related motor switching deficits are associated with reduced basal ganglia (BG) function. Right-handed volunteers (15 Old, and 15 Young) made spatially and temporally coupled(More)
From September 1987 to December 1989, 36 patients with advanced esophageal cancer entered a study in order to determine the efficacy of palliation by a single session of intraluminal irradiation. A dose of 15 Gy was administered at 1 cm distance from the central axis of the applicator. In 22 of 32 patients alive at least 6 weeks after treatment dysphagia(More)
Gallium scintigraphy was used to evaluate therapeutic response in a 10-year-old, male, Dutch sheepdog, suffering from an oral melanoma. Treatment was performed with a combination of carboplatin and hypofractionated radiation. Nineteen weeks after radiation therapy, the left submandibular lymph node was surgically removed because of metastatic disease.(More)