Jeroen Crucke

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We describe the vascular supply to the pharyngeal jaws and teeth in zebrafish, from larval stages to juveniles, using serial high quality semithin sections and 3D reconstructions. We have identified that the arterial blood supply to the last pair of branchial arches, which carries the teeth, issues from the hypobranchial artery. Surprisingly, the arteries(More)
Zebrafish (Danio rerio) teeth are increasingly used as a model to study odontogenesis in non-mammalians. Using serial semi-thin section histology and immunohistochemistry, the nerves innervating the pharyngeal jaws and teeth have been identified. The last pair of branchial arches, which are non-gill bearing but which carry the teeth, are innervated by an(More)
The dentition in zebrafish is extremely and richly vascularized, but the function of the vasculature, in view of the continuous replacement of the teeth, remains elusive. Through application of SU5416, a vascular endothelial growth factor receptor inhibitor, we studied the role of the blood vessels in the dentition of the zebrafish. We were unable to show(More)
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