Jeroen C J M van den Bergh

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Searching for indicators of sustainability is a recurrent theme in environmental science and policy. The “ecological footprint” (EF) has emerged as a popular concept and method for measuring sustainability (1). For example, ISI web of knowledge delivers over 500 journal articles for “ecological footprint”swith an increasing trend from 2001 to 2008swhile(More)
An important task of contemporary academic research is the design of policy that promotes a sustainable energy transition. Dangerman and Schnellnhuber (1) (D&S hereafter) explain theoretically, and show empirically, that it is very difficult to move away from unsustainable technologies. The role of investment funds that go disproportionally to dominant,(More)
Climate change is projected to cause severe economic losses, which has the potential to affect the insurance sector and public compensation schemes considerably. This article discusses the role insurance can play in adapting to climate change impacts. The particular focus is on the Dutch insurance sector, in view of the Netherlands being extremely(More)
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