Jeroen Avonts

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There is a variety of community networks out there. In this paper we try to shed a light on the community network landscape by presenting the results of a questionnaire filled in by different community network organisations around the world. We demonstrate the variety of infrastructure used and the different management approaches of the network within those(More)
Wireless Building Automation is a complex problem dealing with a lot of trade offs: on one hand sensors and actuators have to be as energy-efficient as possible, while on the other hand the overall network should be performant and resilient enough to extend or even replace a wired backbone. In addition, the network should be able to serve existing IEEE(More)
One of the major advantages of wireless communication over wired is the flexibility when creating links between nodes. But this comes at a price as influences from outside the mesh network can distort communication between the nodes and even the nodes themselves interfere with each other. By carefully selecting channels where each link transmits data on,(More)
In this paper we discuss the Wireless Mesh Network developed in the scope of the IBBT Wireless Building Automation project. This WMN is designed as a high datarate wireless backbone interconnection between the other wireless networks used in the WBA architecture. We will demonstrate that switched Ethernet is a technology that, with minimal effort, can be(More)
Community networks are self-organized networks which exist all around the world. For a large number of users, they are the only form of communication in the community itself and with the Internet. All community networks maintain some database where all information about the nodes in the community network is stored. The database information is manually(More)
Development and continuous operation of network management systems is a major challenge to future networks, where a large number of semi-independent devices jointly try to realize a working network. This work considers network testbed management, and more specifically on testbed management software for community networks. Because of the inherently(More)
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